Glenda Staten

In the May 5th post, I announced the arrival of guest blogs. From time to time, I will step aside and a post will be written by someone else, a guest blogger. The guest blogger will be someone who I know, trust and love, and who will contribute to your personal growth. All guest blogs will be consistent with the themes of my blog, personal development and re-invention. Since I made the announcement last week, however, my vision has expanded to Guest Blog/Interview. (Ta-Da!) So, instead of being in just one format, a guest blog/interview will be in one of three formats: a writing, a written interview or a video interview (yep, gonna add some spice).

Welcome to the inaugural guest blog/interview! I am so excited and honored to have Glenda Staten as the first guest blogger. Thank you so much Ms. Staten for being willing to share your thoughts on my blog.  Ms. Staten has led an awesome life of service to the community.  I will let you read about her in the bio below. After reading her bio, be still and enjoy the poem she wrote and wanted to share with you. It made me cry.




Glenda Staten is the owner of Positivity 4 Ever at She created the website to promote positivity, and it is based on her life experiences and personal journey to positivity. Glenda interviews entertainers, authors, military personnel, and others who focus on being positive. The interviews are posted on the website to share with visitors. Positivity 4 Ever provides employment information, motivational tips, a recommended book list, book reviews, charity information, and other helpful resources for everyone.

Glenda grew up in Georgia, and joined the United States Army after graduating from Albany Junior College. While in the military, she worked for numerous prestigious organizations in the United States and abroad before retiring in 2004. Glenda was assigned at The National Defense University in Washington, DC and performed duties as the First Sergeant which is the senior enlisted leader of the organization. She also worked on the National Defense University’s Security Team during a visit from the President of the United States, and was commended for her service. She also worked as the Chief of Administration in the Registrar’s Office at the Information Resources Management College, a Joint Senior Service College where she managed Army, Air Force, Navy, and civilian personnel, and often performed duties as the Registrar.

Glenda left the National Defense University after being selected for the Senior Noncommissioned Officer in Charge position for the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army at the Pentagon, and completed her military career while assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Personnel Administration and Services Division located at the Pentagon. Glenda completed the Advance Noncommissioned Officer Course, the Department of Army Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor Training, and, countless Military courses during her Military career. She also received her Master’s Degree in Management from City University of Seattle.

Glenda volunteered for numerous organizations including the Army Community Service. She managed the Combined Federal Campaign for the National Defense University, and was recognized for her outstanding accomplishment during the campaign. Glenda was commended for her extraordinary devotion to duty in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm at the Army Reserve Personnel Center. Glenda received numerous awards while in the military including two Defense Meritorious Service Medals, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal. She is a member of the Military Veteran’s Business Association of America, Inc.

Glenda’s military experience and her experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures enriched her life, and provided the necessary insight to help her maintain a positive outlook. This positive outlook helped her make sound decisions with maturity and confidence. Glenda enjoys helping others by contributing to local and national charities.


Here is Glenda’s post:

In Search Of Truth

I Searched and Searched For Truth Each Day

But So Many Obstacles Stood In My Way


I Searched and Searched But I Could Not See

That The Truth I Desired Was Inside of Me


Why Did I Search for Something I Already Possessed?

Surely This Is An Issue I Must Address


In My Search for Truth

I Often Found Empty Spaces

Simply Because I Was Searching

In All the Wrong Places


In My Search for Truth

I Finally Looked Inside My Soul

And Suddenly I Found a Truth As Good As Gold

By Glenda Staten

published in Gumbo For The Soul: The Recipe For Literacy In The Black Community by Beverly Black Johnson, 2007)


Question for Comment: What do you think of the new guest blog/interview format? Do you have a thought or thoughts you would like to share as a guest blogger?


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