Editing and Proofreading Services

*******NOW AVAILABLE!*******

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Have your next book or article proofread and edited by an award-winning author!

With over 25 years experience, I’ve  extended my empowerment coaching to include editing and proofreading articles and book manuscripts with an eye toward making content clearer and crisper so your readers truly understand the message.

It’s your voice, only better!

Two levels of editing available:

1. Basic editing and proofreading (grammar, verb tense, subject/verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and formatting)
2. Content editing  (basic editing and proofreading plus editing of content for overall quality of the writing project, for readability, for logical flow of thoughts and paragraphs and for gaps in information. Content editing also includes formatting and suggestions for improving quality of the writing project)

Past Projects:

  • Editor: Waters, Carl, Hip-Hop One, pending publication, 2017
  • Editor: Kevin Thom, Kings and Queens, pending publication, 2017
  • Editor: Waters, Carl, Harriet. E-book (Carl Waters, 2017)
  • Editor: Walden, Lisa, I’m in TIME, pending publication, 2017
  • Editor: Pulito, Heidi, Victory Unleashed, E-book (Ohio: Heidi Pulito, 2017)
  • Editor, Taylor, Everlecia J., New Tools. E-book (Los Angeles: Everlecia J. Taylor, 2017)
  • Editor, Alveranga, Valentheia, The Purpose in My Pain, pending publication
  • Editor, Goodwyn, Jr., Lee, Faith, Dating and the Christian Single, (Virginia: Greater Purpose Publishing, LLC , 2017)
  • Editor, Kingsford, Arkorful, Jesus Says I AM. E-book. (Ghana: Arkorful Kingsford, 2016)
  • Editor, Krol, Joseph “Joey”, Common Misunderstandings About God, Jesus and the Bible. E-book. (Illinois: Joey Krol, 2016)
  • Editor: Tallis, Barry, Victorious, E-book (Florida: Nourish Ministries, LLC, 2016)
  • Editor: Johnson, Celeste, Don’t Die on Purpose, (Columbia, SC: Celeste Johnson Connection Publishing, 2016)
  • Editor: King, Keisha G., Forever Identifying Greatness, (Akron, Ohio: 48Hr Books, 2016)
  • Editor: Minter, Earl, Finding the Treasure in Oneself and A Mate, pending publication 2016
  • Editor: MEA Magazine, Woodbridge, VA
    • “Enlightened Provides Innovative Technology Solutions”, 3/2015
    • “Ramarc Solutions – Global IT Support Company”, 4/2015
    • “Evans and Chambers”, 5/2015
  • Editor: Nelson-Reese, Dyann, Who’s Listening or Can You Hear Me Cry, pending publication, 2014
  • Editor: Frazier, Lanette R., Standing Victoriously Over Your Storm!, (Akron, OH: 48Hr Books, 2012)
  • Editor: Solomon Angela G., The Ultimate Guide for the Network Marketers Bride, (Largo, MD: Nine Star Media, 2011)
  • Editing Team: Riley, Joy T.J., Get Your JOY In The Morning, (Mustang OK: Tate Publishing, 2010)

Flat rates* and payment plans are available.

Non-disclosure agreements are provided if desired.

For more information, send an email to myjourneytome@gmail.com

*A face to face meeting and a cursory review of the project may be required before a flat rate can be negotiated.