Look Up!

It’s Monday morning.  The alarm goes off, you jump out of bed and the race begins.  You race through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday doing job things and family things without looking up.  Saturday and Sunday come and you race around doing chores and other weekend stuff without looking up.  Monday morning comes, the alarm goes off, you jump out of bed and off you go. Week after week, month after month, year after year, without looking up.  LOOK UP!

Now I know if you are an adult, you have bills to pay and responsibilities to handle, but life is not just about paying bills and handling responsibilities.  I am not saying to forget them.  What I am saying is life is a gift so, on purpose, look up and take in all you can.

A few years ago, I set a personal goal to do at least one new thing every year, some thing I had never done before.  Continue reading “Look Up!”