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What the Passion?

It’s the new “buzz” word. You hear the word everywhere you go. “I am passionate about this”. “I am passionate about that”. “Live life with passion”. But what does “passion” mean? Someone asked me that question at a recent book signing. It caught me off guard because I was expecting questions about my book. All eyes were on me so I had to come up with an answer and the answer surprised me!

You see, I would hear the word passion being bandied about by various speakers as they talked about whatever they were doing and it meant nothing to me; it was just a cute word. I thought “passion” meant you were all “goo-goo” eyed about something. Your entire life revolved around that something and nothing else in the world, not eating, sleeping or family, mattered to you except that something. Well, I’ve since learned passion is not about being “goo-goo” eyed. Here are six questions you can ask yourself to help you discover your passion: Continue reading “What the Passion?”