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Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe

Press Release 10/28/2013



Life has a habit of catching us off guard. Whether it switched plans, has fallen off track, or has been flipped upside down, life is guaranteed to re-introduce itself in some form or another. When life forces us to give up stubborn rigidity or comfortable ritual we are forced to confront change, be it for better or worse. As Sharman Monroe has learned, how we decide to face change makes all the difference in embracing a new life.

Proud Washingtonian, Sharman Monroe was born in raised in Washington, D.C.  After receiving her B.S. from American University and earning a J.D. degree from Catholic University she worked for the District government, rising to become an administrative law judge. Married with a beautiful family, a respectable and flourishing career, Ms. Monroe’s life was going according to plan and even surpassing her own expectations. However, her life made a sudden change and she was forced to reacquaint herself with her life and identity following her divorce and quitting her honorable position with D.C. law. She went from living comfortably in one of D.C.’s more affluent communities to struggling to keep a roof over her head and electricity running. As a Christian and  follower of the Word, Ms. Monroe knew that there was only one thing to do: put her trust in God and allow Him to work in her life. Ms. Monroe notes, “Something you walk in every minute and sometimes your faith will be stronger than other times but you gotta keep on walking in it.”

Five years later, the irrepressible Ms. Monroe is now CEO of her own successful company and also runs a popular blog that focuses on finding one’s identity, personal development, love, and Christian devotion. Her newest venture is taking her written word and spreading it through the airways as she will be cohosting “Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe” every Friday in November at 10am, 3 & 7pm on the Leap of Faith Network.

 www.LOFNetwork.com  (LOG-IN and LISTEN!) @LOFNetwork on Twitter

Breathe new Life into your Fridays by tuning in to hear Ms. Monroe discuss life lessons on love, faith, and endurance. Although she is a former judge she is never judgmental and instead is personable  and caring as she works to help women re-introduce themselves to life, stating: “Life is exciting, don’t get stuck in the drudgery and miss out on it. Take that trip or that cruise called life.”



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