Stubbs and Sharman: At It Again!

Join Stubbs and Sharman as They talk about Life and Love


Friday, November 15, 2013

At 10:30a.m, 3 and 7 p.m.



Our last show about Life will be on Friday, November 29, 2013On that show, we will talk with YOU! So if you have any questions or comments, email them to either worldoffaith@yahoo.com, Subject Line: Sharman or to myjourneytome@gmail.com, Subject Line: Radio by November 27th.  We will also be taking LIVE calls! We are looking forward to talking to you!



Encouragement, Motivation

Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe

Press Release 10/28/2013



Life has a habit of catching us off guard. Whether it switched plans, has fallen off track, or has been flipped upside down, life is guaranteed to re-introduce itself in some form or another. When life forces us to give up stubborn rigidity or comfortable ritual we are forced to confront change, be it for better or worse. As Sharman Monroe has learned, how we decide to face change makes all the difference in embracing a new life.

Proud Washingtonian, Sharman Monroe was born in raised in Washington, D.C.  After receiving her B.S. from American University Continue reading “Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe”