New New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost the beginning of a new year with new resolutions so I thought this post should be dusted off and shared again….


JUST AS a young man’s fancy turns to love in the spring, it’s January of a new year and people’s fancy turns to New Year resolutions.  People resolve to change – lose weight, make more money, exercise more, eat healthier, save more money, etc.  People resolve to do, or not to do, things that will improve their lives and give themselves a year to make the change.  Resolutions are good and people are sincere in making these yearly resolutions.  But statistics show that by the end of February, most people have forgotten their resolutions only to remember them again in December when it’s time to make New Year resolutions again.  This is not good.  I propose a new New Year’s Resolution: instead of only treating the beginning of a new year as a time to make resolutions, treat the beginning of a new day as a time to make resolutions.

I call my proposal New Day resolutions.  It’s not really as farfetched as you think.  January is the beginning of a new fresh year, full of possibilities and each morning is the beginning of a new fresh 24 hours, full of possibilities.  Instead of waiting a whole year to assess the status of your New Year’s resolutions, you assess the status of your New Day’s resolutions each night. 

I made New Day resolutions last year.  Each morning after I got up, I would review my goals and the previous day’s resolutions to see what I didn’t finish.  Then I would make my New Day resolutions, write them down along with the previous day’s unfinished resolutions and go to work! The result?  Everyday, I was more focused on my resolutions and I was able to accomplish many things throughout the year.  I didn’t end 2010 blue and full of regrets over forgotten New Year’s resolutions. 

Give my proposal a try.  See how it works for you.  Go now…go make your New Day resolutions!

Question for Comment:  Have you ever made New Year resolutions that you have forgotten about by the end of February?  Do you think the concept of a New Day resolution will help you?

(originally posted January 11, 2011)

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