Mini Vay Cay

A while back I wrote a blog post about taking moments out of your hustle-bustle life to stop and smell the roses.  Life isn’t all about the money and getting all the things done on your To-Do list.  Well, over the past year while running a business, writing a book, blogging on two blogs and starting a radio show, I forgot to take time for myself.

So, starting at the beginning of this year I’m reviving my practice of stopping to smell the roses.  I’ll be going on my “mini vay-cay” (if that word is not spelled right, don’t let me know) once a month. To keep myself accountable, I will share pictures and a short post about my mini vay-cay with you each month.

You’re probably asking, “Why is she so hyped-up about a mini vay-cay and what does it have to do with personal growth?” The answer is plenty. When you are constantly doing and going, your anxiety levels increase. Your ability to focus or problem-solve becomes impaired as your mind leaps from one thing to another; you eventually experience burn-out.  Taking a mini vay-cay, is not, as society touts, a waste of your time.  Rather, taking time for yourself revives you mentally and physically.  Slowing down your activity and enjoying something out of your normal routine helps your body to release tension and relax.  Most of all, a mini vay-cay helps you to appreciate the gift of life.

A mini vay-cay doesn’t have to involve traveling to an exotic place or be expensive or last for days. The internet, of course, is a great resource for places to go and things to do right in your backyard.  I like the sites www.livingsocial.com, www.groupon.com and www.meetup.com.  Also, your local museums, art galleries, aquariums, monuments and festivals are also places to go.

 For January, I went the National Archives.  Although I’ve lived in Washington, DC all my life, I’ve never visited the Archives because I always said “it will be there tomorrow”.  I saw some things expected, like the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and some things not expected, like JFK’s college report card and a Registry Book from Ellis Island.  I don’t have any pictures though.  Taking photographs is prohibited in many areas because camera lights damage the documents. But here is a picture of the Visitor’s Guide to show I went!

photo Archives brown

When are where are going to take your mini vay-cay?  I already have my February one planned!

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