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February Mini Vay-Cay

In January,  I said I was going to reviving my practice of stopping to smell the roses by going on a  “mini vay-cay” each month this year To keep me accountable to you,  I promised to write about it on this blog and post pictures (so you know I did go!)

I know but Feb was a short month!
Feb was a short month!

In February, I went to the National Geographic Museum.  (I’m just getting around to doing this post so I need to add that I will post within two days of coming back from my “mini vay-cay!)  The museum is small but packed with pictures from around the world.

The featured exhibit for February was called Women of Vision and highlighted photographs taken by women for National Geographic.

women of vision

NatGeo women

My favorite exhibit was the photo wall showing all the NatGEO magazine covers.

natgeo wall 2

And I liked the photos of undersea exploration.



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