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February Mini Vay-Cay

In January,  I said I was going to reviving my practice of stopping to smell the roses by going on a  “mini vay-cay” each month this year To keep me accountable to you,  I promised to write about it on this blog and post pictures (so you know I did go!)

I know but Feb was a short month!
Feb was a short month!

In February, I went to the National Geographic Museum.  (I’m just getting around to doing this post so I need to add that I will post within two days of coming back from my “mini vay-cay!)  The museum is small but packed with pictures from around the world.

The featured exhibit for February was called Women of Vision and highlighted photographs taken by women for National Geographic.

women of vision

NatGeo women

My favorite exhibit was the photo wall showing all the NatGEO magazine covers.

natgeo wall 2

And I liked the photos of undersea exploration.


Photo blogs

It’s Not Summer Til You Go To The Beach!

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My day at the beach was perfect!  The weather and water was warm – just right for sitting for hours .  The sky was blue with only a few clouds drifting across it.  The word for the day was RELAX!. Click on the picture above to enjoy my photos from the day.

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This blog is about personal growth and the things to do to develop one’s self into a better person.  One of the goals you should set is a period of time to relax.  I’m not talking about sleeping.  I’m talking about sitting back and shutting your mind off from all the stuff written on your To-Do list.  I know this is counter-intuitive given the hustle-bustle, “gotta get it done yesterday” society we live in. But taking time to not do something productive, and stop and smell the roses of life rejuvenates you.  So, I took my advice on March 30th and enjoyed Washington, D.C.’s annual Blossom Kite Festival. It was a perfect spring day. The temperature was 60 degrees. The sky was bright blue with only a few clouds drifting across it.  The breeze came and carried the kites high.

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy  :)!

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On April 29th, I was blessed to attend America’s Night of Hope with Joel and Victoria Osteen in Washington, D.C.  I had been looking forward to this night for months.  Since I’m not a baseball fan, this was my chance to go to Nationals Park, the first certified GREEN ballpark (that’s all I know about baseball!).  This was also my chance to see Joel Osteen, a man of God whose messages in his sermons, podcasts and books touch my heart.  The day was sunny and bright –  not too cold, not too hot.  Although there were thousands of people there, everyone was  friendly and polite. There was a calm in the air – it was God’s presence.   Continue reading “Hope”