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This blog is about personal growth and the things to do to develop one’s self into a better person.  One of the goals you should set is a period of time to relax.  I’m not talking about sleeping.  I’m talking about sitting back and shutting your mind off from all the stuff written on your To-Do list.  I know this is counter-intuitive given the hustle-bustle, “gotta get it done yesterday” society we live in. But taking time to not do something productive, and stop and smell the roses of life rejuvenates you.  So, I took my advice on March 30th and enjoyed Washington, D.C.’s annual Blossom Kite Festival. It was a perfect spring day. The temperature was 60 degrees. The sky was bright blue with only a few clouds drifting across it.  The breeze came and carried the kites high.

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy  :)!


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