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Book Update – April

Ever see a scene in a movie where a person is running toward a place, but instead of the place getting closer, the place keeps moving further away from the person?  That’s how I felt about my book.

I’ve been writing and editing, but the end seemed no where in sight.  That is until the other day when I decided to give a status report to my publisher and my accountability partner.  I inventoried my work and was very surprised.  This is what I discovered:

1- There is a working title for the book which is huge because I wanted one that would grab someone’s attention and make that person want to pick up the book and read it (no, I’m not ready to tell you yet)

2 -There are 17 substantive chapters: 12 are done subject to a few more tweaks before they are submitted to my publisher, 3 are being drafted and 2 need to be written.

3- There are 5 reference/informational chapters, 2 are finalized.

Wow!  The end is in sight.

Check back in May for another update. Smiley

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