The Book

Book Update – June

A quick note here cause I’m winding down.  Or gearing up, depending upon how you look at it.

 I printed out my entire book two weeks ago.  I’m in the process of doing what I call Phase One editing.  Phase One is me editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation.  I’m also making sure the sentences and paragraphs flow together and there are no gaps in information.  To my surprise I’m re-learning or reminding myself of many personal growth concepts I wrote about.  When I’m finished (my goal date is June 30th), I’ll pass my book to my friend Shirley for Phase Two editing.  In Phase Two, Shirley will read the book to make sure the ideas and concepts in it are clearly conveyed so my book adds value to you.  After Phase Two editing, the manuscript is off to Tate Publishing!

 Many of my friends are so excited about my book right now.  I’m not. I’m kinda flat about it.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I’m looking at everything my book is not – it’s not 300 pages long, it’s not endorsed by five well-known individuals – instead of looking at everything it is – it’s full of insightful nuggets to help you in your personal growth.  I even had “aha” moments while I was writing it. Or maybe I just have new author jitters.  Either way, it will be at a bookstore near you soon!

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