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Give A Gift of Success for the Holidays!

MEET and GREET!SATURDAY, DEC 19, 2015(2)

John 3:16 Christian Bookstore

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Meet and Greet!


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CAOT Blog Talk Radio Show

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Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show of July 10, 2015  Friday for interviews by Lynn Pinder with Christian authors,

Sharman J. Monroe and Min. Rodney “DaPoet1” Williams.

Sharman J. Monroe is the author of, “The PLAN A Way to Success” and Min. Williams is the author of  “Poetically Sound“.  Hear about the inspirations and purpose for their books, the publishing process and more!

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Breaking Book News!

The wait is over!

My book,  “The PLAN A Way to Success” is now available for immediate purchase and shipping!!!


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“The PLAN A Way to Success” Teaser

Here it is……

the worldwide premiere of the teaser for my soon-to-be-released book from Tate Publishing,

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Book Publishing Process: Designing Ain’t My Strong Suit (4th in series)

I have no clue. Unlike my friend Joy who could describe the cover for her book while she was still writing it, I have no inkling, no concept, no idea for my book cover. So I wasn’t the least excited when I received the email from my production manager saying it was time to design the cover. Egad! Couldn’t an editor just read the book and come up with something nice??

Anyway my production manager sent me a series of questions to help me get my “designing” juices flowing. Yeah right. He asked the age of my target audience, the feeling or mood I wanted the cover to convey, the color or colors I wanted to use, the objects I wanted on the cover and the like.

I knew I didn’t want to use pink or violet – too feminine (sorry ladies!) or brown or black – too masculine (sorry guys!) on the cover. I wanted a neutral color that appealed to both sexes. After doing some research, Continue reading “Book Publishing Process: Designing Ain’t My Strong Suit (4th in series)”

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Book Publishing Process – What They Said (3rd in series)

I can stop holding my breath now.  I got my manuscript back from the editors with all the red marks and suggestions.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought.   It came with a cover letter from the editor first telling me everything I did right and then everything that could be improved.  It was good to get this type of feedback, especially for me, a first-time author, because improving is always the name of the game.

My manuscript came to me with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes >Final Showing Markup feature activated so I could see the editor’s changes.  The editor gave me proofreading instructions, i.e. how to make my corrections, comments and additions to the manuscript so that I returned a manuscript showing both the editor’s initial changes in red and my input in blue.  I was surprised to learn I didn’t have to accept the edits from the editor.  I could reject any changes (insert NO CHANGE) or question any edits [insert COMMENT].  This was such a relief for me since as a writer, I know what message I wanted to convey and didn’t want that message changed.  Although a publisher’s editor is a professional, that person could Continue reading “Book Publishing Process – What They Said (3rd in series)”