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The Book

Book Publishing Process – In the Meantime

So your manuscript is at the publisher being transformed into your book.  There’s nothing for you to do right? Wrong!

There’s plenty.  I was very surprised to find out I needed to write the promotional copy for my book.  The promotional copy is the stuff that appears on the back cover.  I was surprised because I thought the editors or marketers at the publishers would do it.  I reasoned they had more experience than me at penning “razzle-dazzle, you gotta have this” words that would make people drive through fire to buy a book.  Thank goodness I had 10 days to submit something.  After stepping away for a couple of days, I wrote the copy.  I also realized an author knows the need the book is meeting, as well as its target audience so an author can write or, at the least, contribute to the promotional copy.  And yes, I also sent a new photograph of me, professionally taken because it will be following me for a long time, for the back cover.

Tate Publishing also let me know I should begin publicizing my book now to stir up interest and drive sales before the book is available.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1) Use social media. Set up a Facebook fanpage for your book. Open a LinkedIn account and join author groups.  Open a Twitter account. Use as much social media (Instagram. Google+, Pinterest, etc) as you can.  Not only is it free advertising but you’ll also connect with new people.

2) Book speaking engagements that relate to the topic of your book. Those attending will now see you as an expert and will want your book.

3) Get a website. Put a chapter on the website.  Get a the word out about your book.

4) Send emails to your family, friends and other people in your email address book letting them know about your book.

If you think of other things you can do that don’t cost you a lot of money, do them!  The bottom line is you wrote a book!  Be proud of your accomplishment and let the world know!


The Book

Book Publishing Process – Getting Things Ready

Many of you asked that I write about my experiences in getting a book published because you are writing or thinking about writing a book.  Gladly!  So here is the first in a series of posts giving a look behind the curtain. I hope this glance gives you the kick you need to move forward to publishing.

A while back, Tate Publishing offered to publish my book, my first book, based just upon an outline and draft Introduction (you can get more details by clicking The Book in Categories in the left column). It took me about 15 months to write the book.  During my writing process, I asked a close friend read the book and offer suggestions.  I’m so glad I did.  As a writer, you know what you are saying but sometimes forget details that help the reader fully understand what you saying.  My friend helped me to see the gaps in my book. I highly recommend taking this step.  It will add time to the writing process but will be worth it in the long run.

When everything was in place to begin production, Tate assigned a production manager to me.  All contact I have with Tate about my book Continue reading “Book Publishing Process – Getting Things Ready”

The Book

You Decided!

HUGE thank you and hugs to all of you who took a moment of your time and voted on Facebook and on my blog for the picture of me you thought should go on the back cover of my new book coming soon from Tate Publishing!!

Some of your comments made me laugh out loud (you have a moving tattoo)! Some of you were as indecisive as me (put all three on the cover)! I wouldn’t have had a problem in deciding if the photographer hadn’t done such an awesome job.  I was fortunate to use the same photographer Joy T.J. Riley used for her book, Get Your Joy In The Morning! – Lisa Monroe of Photographic Expressions.  Thank you Ms. Monroe!

It was a close race but the winner is……… Picture #2!!!

Stay tuned for updates on my book.

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The Book

You Decide

Hello my friends,

This post is different from any I have written before because I need a HUGE favor and I know you will be able to help.  I’ve narrowed it down to three and can’t decide further.  Can you take a moment and tell me which of the three pictures of me below you like best to go on the back cover of my new book?  In the Comments, you can just say 1, 2 or 3; feel free to add more if you want.   I really appreciate you being part of my book publishing process.   The final decision is due July 19.  I will let you know which photo won or you can find out on my radio show’s Facebook page.

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Number 1
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Number 2
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Number 3





The Book

A New Book by Sharman J. Monroe

Today, Tate Publishing begins the production of my first book!!!! I am so excited! But, to be honest, the whole book publishing thing is still kinda surreal to me. I mean, stuff I wrote will be massed produced for people to buy all over the world…. WOW!

Anyway surrealism aside (see I’m all over the place!), the book has a working title but my publisher (don’t you just love the sound of that?) says not to get married to it because it may change during the editing process. So I’m not going to tell you the title. But I will tell you it’s about personal growth from God’s point of view.

My publisher (oops, I said it again!) says the publishing process takes about 180 days, give or take, depending on everything working out and getting done perfectly. And we know we don’t live in a perfect world so….. Maybe I’ll blog about the process so those of you who are thinking about publishing a book get an idea of what’s it like. If you like the idea of me writing about the process let me know in the comments.

Anyway, I have to respond to some emails from my publisher.   Smiley

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The Book

I’ve Done It Now!

I started writing a book on personal growth in 2011 (I think that was the year).  Well, more like dabbling instead of writing. I would write a little here, write a little there. I told some friends I was writing a book and one of them had the nerve to tell her publisher what I was doing! And had more nerve to tell me send an email to her publisher introducing myself!

For some strange reason, I followed her instruction and sent a copy of the Table of Contents and the Introduction to her publisher. Much to my surprise, Continue reading “I’ve Done It Now!”