The Book

You Decide

Hello my friends,

This post is different from any I have written before because I need a HUGE favor and I know you will be able to help.  I’ve narrowed it down to three and can’t decide further.  Can you take a moment and tell me which of the three pictures of me below you like best to go on the back cover of my new book?  In the Comments, you can just say 1, 2 or 3; feel free to add more if you want.   I really appreciate you being part of my book publishing process.   The final decision is due July 19.  I will let you know which photo won or you can find out on my radio show’s Facebook page.

me closeup on deck
Number 1
me full photoshop
Number 2
me 50s photo cropped
Number 3





2 thoughts on “You Decide”

  1. Dear Sharman,

    Since you are very, very photogenic, I find all three to be fabulous photos of you;each one is special in its own way! However, since I must make a definite selection, I will go with photo #1

    Tom Jones


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