The Book

I’ve Done It Now!

I started writing a book on personal growth in 2011 (I think that was the year).  Well, more like dabbling instead of writing. I would write a little here, write a little there. I told some friends I was writing a book and one of them had the nerve to tell her publisher what I was doing! And had more nerve to tell me send an email to her publisher introducing myself!

For some strange reason, I followed her instruction and sent a copy of the Table of Contents and the Introduction to her publisher. Much to my surprise, the publisher CALLED me and offered me a contract…..which I promptly signed.  Why I did that I’ll never know because now I was on the hook to focus and finish the book.

Time has passed (yes, I’ve forgiven my friend) and yesterday I submitted my final manuscript to Tate Publishing!!! Production will begin soon which means deciding the cover art (I have no clue what I want), reviewing galleys, writing my cover bio, taking a jacket photo, firming up the title, planning a book release party, making a guest list, giving my blog a facelift, etc!

OMG, I’ve done it now! And I’m having so much fun!

Manuscript picture

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