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Women Do Wonders as Entrepreneurs

by Sarah Brooks

Women occupy the same employment roles as men do, including more and more positions as entrepreneurs and business developers. While entrepreneurialism is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a job, there are many features that make women stand out for their autonomous business initiatives.

Men and women are motivated by some of the same things; especially in business where cash rewards and benefits are a large part of the picture. But personal satisfaction is at play too, so it is important to recognize some of the things that make women unique, and ideally suited for entrepreneurial roles.

Today’s business development climate includes resources specifically targeting female entrepreneurs. Organizations like SBA, for example, routinely lend assistance to start-up efforts launched by women. And mentorship between women is also on the rise, as successful women pass their understanding of businesses practices and trends to one another. While particular skill sets enable women to succeed in specialized fields, there is nonetheless common ground between women working across a variety of industries. The following considerations help explain why women do wonders as entrepreneurs.

Adaptability and Perseverance

Given that a majority of all independent business ventures fail within their first five years of operation, perseverance represents one of the most desirable traits held by entrepreneurs. Women excel in this area, so dogged determination and staying tough for the long haul are characteristics women exhibit alongside entrepreneurial success.

The only certainty is change, so women also bolster their independent success by responding to ever-changing business markets. By changing the conversation to address dynamic consumer markets, women stay one step ahead of change.

Commitment to Diverse Viewpoints

Most entrepreneurial roles benefit from fresh perspectives, so women bring a whole new set of observations to the table. In many cases, observant women identify corporate missteps, which they strive to improve upon using their own entrepreneurial efforts. Their unique talent lies in women’s ability to synthesize multiple influences into coherent strategies that challenge conventional ways of doing business.

In most cases, forward-thinking female entrepreneurs remain on the cutting edge by considering diverse input from associates and colleagues. Perhaps due to the outsider positions women have traditionally held in business, today’s entrepreneurs are adept listeners, which leads to innovation and collaboration that male-backed ventures don’t always experience.

Strong Ethics and Principles

Men still control a majority of the power and influence on display in corporate settings. In fact, they control the money too, so it isn’t always easy for women to fund their entrepreneurial start-ups. In general, however, women’s strong reputation of integrity and principles boosts their success once they gain access to the system.

Women launch businesses that reflect their personal values, so the culture they promote at the workplace mirrors their standards. As a result, subordinate staffers easily adopt the prevailing standards, leading to high productivity and mutual respect among employees.

Women Nurture Success

Entrepreneurial success develops slowly, at times, so a positive, nurturing attitude helps women stay true to their ambitions, without getting ahead of themselves. Like a child developing through his or her life stages, each start-up venture benefits from women’s experience molding and shaping it in productive ways.

Compassion and relatability help women excel in employee relations, which benefit from the soft touch they apply to resolving personnel issues. Unafraid to challenge the status quo, female entrepreneurs simultaneously add consistency to their organizations, by applying an even hand to client and staff relationships.

Communication is at the Heart of Success

It is dangerous to stereotype between genders, since there are exceptions in every case. Women, however, may well be the stronger communicators, embracing various modes of communication more readily than their male counterparts. Social media, for example, is a specialized discipline that women entrepreneurs manipulate brilliantly. Marketing efforts and home-based businesses, in general, benefit from the hyper-connected nature of modern social interaction. By maximizing its impact, female entrepreneurs utilize social media and Web-based communications to reach clients and customers from the comfort of their own home offices.

Dedication and perseverance help women excel as entrepreneurs; especially their ability to adapt and incorporate diverse points of view into their business strategies. While statistics continue to work against start-up success, overall, women continue to do wonders as entrepreneurs.


This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from best people search. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger.  Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23@


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