May Mini Vay-Cay

Hello Folks!

My May mini vay-cay was something I have NEVER done before…..LASER TAG!  What;s that you ask?  Laser Tag is a game of tag people play in a semi-lit arena with obstacles.  You “tag” players or other objects using a hand-held “gun” that emits infrared light.  Players wear a vest or other gear that has targets on it.  When you hit a target, it changes color and you get points.  You also get points for tagging objects in the arena.

I went with my Shechem Covenant Outreach Ministries family.  It was an outing for the young adults and since I consider myself a young adult, I went along also! We got together on a nice Saturday afternoon at XP Lasersport in Maryland.

laser tag place

After receiving training, we put on our vests and were let loose in the arena!  We played 2 rounds, one round being four 15 minute games.  We had so much fun laughing, finding nooks to ambush people from and running around talking smack to each other!  Talk about a work-out! Although I didn’t know what I was doing, I get the highest score in the first game (don’t ask about the others).

laser tag score

When we finished, we posed for a victory shot.

laser tag group

Then I went home, took a shower and promptly went to bed.  If you’ve never played laser tag, take some friends and enjoy a few games.  You won’t be disappointed.


NOTICE: I took down the Facebook Fanpage for this blog, My Journey to Me, as of May 31st, in order to create one brand for myself on social media.  However, you can still get messages from me on my personal Facebook page.  The Facebook icon will be updated shortly.






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