Guest Post, Leadership

Women Do Wonders as Entrepreneurs

by Sarah Brooks

Women occupy the same employment roles as men do, including more and more positions as entrepreneurs and business developers. While entrepreneurialism is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a job, there are many features that make women stand out for their autonomous business initiatives.

Men and women are motivated by some of the same things; especially in business where cash rewards and benefits are a large part of the picture. But personal satisfaction is at play too, so it is important to recognize some of the things that make women unique, and ideally suited for entrepreneurial roles.

Today’s business development climate includes resources specifically targeting female entrepreneurs. Organizations like SBA, for example, routinely lend assistance to start-up efforts launched by women. And mentorship between women is also on the rise, as successful women pass their understanding of businesses practices and trends to one another. While particular skill sets enable women to succeed in specialized fields, there is nonetheless common ground between women working across a variety of industries. The following considerations Continue reading “Women Do Wonders as Entrepreneurs”