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Reclaiming Dopeness

The message in this blog post is awesome…it is DOPE! I had to share with so you to can stand up and proudly claim your dopeness.

Gems for the Journey

Thank you @messinabottle for bringing this shirt to the people…. My sentiments exactly!

A word on dopeness. I had a hard time coming around to defining a word that expresses admiration and gives props all at the same time. Dopeness is an energy that manifests itself when the stars align and one’s ability to be exceptional is giving them a glow. It’s easy to acknowledge in art or music because creative arts evoke emotion, music can teleport me to a time and place many years past. In that moment every sense is reliving the smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and vibes I felt when the memory and that song were bonded together and tucked into my memory bank. Music gives me all the feels. Like when you hear a song and you have to know who the artist is immediately so you can put it on repeat and start looking…

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The Cure for Indecision for My Generation

by Everlecia J. Taylor

We have more options than ever before —more food choices, more schools choices, and more career choices. The truth is our abundance of options makes it harder to decide. “Let’s go to decisionmakingMcDonalds. No Chiptole. No P.F Changs.” We can’t even decide on what to eat tonight. Yet society tells us to go out into the world and choose what we want to be while there are a zillion new professions are created every day. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a basketball player, and in middle school, I wanted to be a journalist. When I was in high school, I couldn’t decide but I felt forced to choose something.

I wanted to be a journalist because it was something that was right in my face. But then I decided in high school to pursue becoming a pharmacist Continue reading “The Cure for Indecision for My Generation”

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10 Editing Tips for the Self-Publisher

by Sharman J. Monroe and Keisha G. King, Guest Blogger

Congratulations! You finished writing your book. So many people want to write but can’t seem to get it done. It takes dedication and commitment to write a book. You’ve showed the world you have what it takes. You are awesome!

Although you are self-publishing, your work’s not ready to go yet. Now it’s time to make your manuscript pretty. It’s time to get it ready for printing. It’s time to enter the editing/proofreading phase. You may be thinking, “I don’t know how to edit” or “I don’t need to edit”. I’m sorry to tell you but you are wrong on both accounts. If you can write, which you did, you can review your work for errors and correct them, and review your work to see if you want to change something in your manuscript. Once your book is printed and circulated, a misspelled word or jumbled sentence will haunt you. Don’t be haunted!  Here are ten editing tips: Continue reading “10 Editing Tips for the Self-Publisher”

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Women Do Wonders as Entrepreneurs

by Sarah Brooks

Women occupy the same employment roles as men do, including more and more positions as entrepreneurs and business developers. While entrepreneurialism is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a job, there are many features that make women stand out for their autonomous business initiatives.

Men and women are motivated by some of the same things; especially in business where cash rewards and benefits are a large part of the picture. But personal satisfaction is at play too, so it is important to recognize some of the things that make women unique, and ideally suited for entrepreneurial roles.

Today’s business development climate includes resources specifically targeting female entrepreneurs. Organizations like SBA, for example, routinely lend assistance to start-up efforts launched by women. And mentorship between women is also on the rise, as successful women pass their understanding of businesses practices and trends to one another. While particular skill sets enable women to succeed in specialized fields, there is nonetheless common ground between women working across a variety of industries. The following considerations Continue reading “Women Do Wonders as Entrepreneurs”

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Be Write Here!

I love guest posts and interviews! They are a great way to share your point of view on a topic with a new or different audience. I’ve had the honor of doing guest posts on other people’s blogs and it was fun. It was also fun to put other people’s posts on this blog so you could benefit from them. I want to encourage more guest posts relating to personal development and/or individual re-invention, so I’ve made some revisions to this blog.

The top menu tab for guest posts has a new name. Instead of “Guest Blog/Interviews”, it is now “Guest Post & Criteria”.  Under Categories in the  right column, “Guest Blog/Interview” is now “Guest Post”.   When you click “Guest Post & Criteria” in the top menu, a page will open listing, ta-da, the criteria for a guest post to this blog.  You will still see a drop-down menu of past guest posts when you hover on “Guest Post & Criteria”.   Now you know how to get published here and share your views with the world!  So start writing! Go on…get a pen and share your views with the world.


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Guest Interview: Beverly R. Imes

Welcome to my second guest blogger/interview. I first met Beverly Imes many years ago when we both attended Master Quest, a weekend course on personal development and effectiveness. Since then, Beverly has reinvented herself into a renowned personal development coach, has written a book, You Can Make A Difference and is currently editing a new e-book, Waiting with Expectancy. Without further ado, I present to you, Ms. Beverly Imes.


Miss Beverly Imes is a native of Harmony, North Carolina where she grew up always wanting to help others in need. Today she is doing just that directly and indirectly. Directly via classes, workshops, and one on ones with clients. Indirectly with friends and family… even in Sunday School class.

Miss Imes has a passion for helping people. She is committed to excellence and puts her all into her addresses and workshops. When you think of commitment, fire and results, you should think of this speaker. From start to finish Miss Imes has it all. She can truly enhance one’s quality of life when her awesome tools are applied. Her positive attitude makes her a joy to be around and listen to. What an inspiration she is to those who are willing to receive the gift she gives through her presentations.

She is the founder of Positive Impact is a leader in empowerment keynotes and workshops. Their mission is to assist individuals to become the ULTIMATE person they can be and to have a more prosperous lifestyle and relationships.

Methodology: through interactive learning experiences which focus on the individual first. Then learn more about those around them that they may appreciate what they have in common with others, respect the differences, and work together for a common goal in spite of it all.

Continuously enhancing the gifts God has given her in the public speaking and empowerment training arenas, Positive Impact was created with the vision of helping others discover the ultimate person they can be.

She is also the author of “You Can Make a Difference…because you ARE the difference.” This interactive publication takes an individual from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be accomplishing any goal set by way of inspiration and application.

Remember, “It’s not what you WANT. It’s what you DO.” It is time to take action.

Visit for a life changing experience.

MJTM: The theme of my blog, My Journey to Me, is personal development and re-invention. I asked you to do this interview because you made a complete change, a re-invention, in your life. I want you to my readers with your experiences and perspective along the theme of my blog.

MJTM: Tell us about your formal education and professional career. Continue reading “Guest Interview: Beverly R. Imes”

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Guest Blogger

I want to use my weekly post to thank Robert Wingfield for allowing me to be guest blogger for his blog, The RAW Blog. (  Let me tell you a little bit about him.  He is a native of Nashville, TN and a graduate of the illustrious HBCU Fisk University (yeah Fiskite!).  Rob is a media consultant in Nashville and blogs about current events, food, music and entertainment.  I have known Rob for a long time and felt greatly honored that he would allow me to express myself to his followers.  Check out his blog.

And while I am talking about guest blogging, if you (yes, you) would like to write something, anything, to be posted on my blog, email me at  Be glad to have you!