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Guest Interview: Beverly R. Imes

Welcome to my second guest blogger/interview. I first met Beverly Imes many years ago when we both attended Master Quest, a weekend course on personal development and effectiveness. Since then, Beverly has reinvented herself into a renowned personal development coach, has written a book, You Can Make A Difference and is currently editing a new e-book, Waiting with Expectancy. Without further ado, I present to you, Ms. Beverly Imes.


Miss Beverly Imes is a native of Harmony, North Carolina where she grew up always wanting to help others in need. Today she is doing just that directly and indirectly. Directly via classes, workshops, and one on ones with clients. Indirectly with friends and family… even in Sunday School class.

Miss Imes has a passion for helping people. She is committed to excellence and puts her all into her addresses and workshops. When you think of commitment, fire and results, you should think of this speaker. From start to finish Miss Imes has it all. She can truly enhance one’s quality of life when her awesome tools are applied. Her positive attitude makes her a joy to be around and listen to. What an inspiration she is to those who are willing to receive the gift she gives through her presentations.

She is the founder of Positive Impact is a leader in empowerment keynotes and workshops. Their mission is to assist individuals to become the ULTIMATE person they can be and to have a more prosperous lifestyle and relationships.

Methodology: through interactive learning experiences which focus on the individual first. Then learn more about those around them that they may appreciate what they have in common with others, respect the differences, and work together for a common goal in spite of it all.

Continuously enhancing the gifts God has given her in the public speaking and empowerment training arenas, Positive Impact was created with the vision of helping others discover the ultimate person they can be.

She is also the author of “You Can Make a Difference…because you ARE the difference.” This interactive publication takes an individual from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be accomplishing any goal set by way of inspiration and application.

Remember, “It’s not what you WANT. It’s what you DO.” It is time to take action.

Visit for a life changing experience.

MJTM: The theme of my blog, My Journey to Me, is personal development and re-invention. I asked you to do this interview because you made a complete change, a re-invention, in your life. I want you to my readers with your experiences and perspective along the theme of my blog.

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