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Be Write Here!

I love guest posts and interviews! They are a great way to share your point of view on a topic with a new or different audience. I’ve had the honor of doing guest posts on other people’s blogs and it was fun. It was also fun to put other people’s posts on this blog so you could benefit from them. I want to encourage more guest posts relating to personal development and/or individual re-invention, so I’ve made some revisions to this blog.

The top menu tab for guest posts has a new name. Instead of “Guest Blog/Interviews”, it is now “Guest Post & Criteria”.  Under Categories in the  right column, “Guest Blog/Interview” is now “Guest Post”.   When you click “Guest Post & Criteria” in the top menu, a page will open listing, ta-da, the criteria for a guest post to this blog.  You will still see a drop-down menu of past guest posts when you hover on “Guest Post & Criteria”.   Now you know how to get published here and share your views with the world!  So start writing! Go on…get a pen and share your views with the world.


2 thoughts on “Be Write Here!”

  1. Sharman, I am so proud of you!! This book writing bug is going around because I too am inspired to write my first book. Presently I’m in GA among other things to start putting the frame work of the book together. I need to introduce you to a young woman @ Shechem who just completed her first book.


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