I am….

I am an only child raised by a single mother. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and went to a private school. I continued my education after high school, and earned two degrees, one in computer science (BS) and the other in law (JD). I was an elected public official and an officer in the PTA. I was the chief judge in a government agency running an office staffed with judges, paralegals and support staff. I was the labor/management liaison for the director of the same agency. I was promoted to the position of appellate judge in that agency. Today, I own a successful and growing business enterprise. And I am a survivor of domestic violence and abuse.

Now, for some of you, there is a huge disconnect between all the facts in the above paragraph and it’s the last sentence. But I’m here to tell you that domestic violence crosses all races, nationalities, colors, and creeds. It isn’t confined to one segment of society. It isn’t defined by one’s educational, economic or social status. I’m here to tell you that it’s not solely physical; it can physical, mental abuse or financial. Mental abuse can be very subtle. I’m also here to tell you that both parties in an abusive relationship have problems with self that need to be resolved but the most urgent problem to resolve is getting the person being abused out of the situation and into a safe place. I’m also here to tell you that a person can survive domestic violence and abuse, and thrive.

domestic_violence_car_magnet_ribbonOctober is Domestic Violence AWARENESS month. I emphasize the word “awareness” because we can’t forget that domestic violence and abuse exist when the month ends.   Take this month to learn some of the warning signs that a person may be an abuser. Take this month to learn some of the signs that someone is being abused. Take this month to resolve that you will not look the other way when you are a witness to domestic violence. Take this month to stop thinking “that kind of thing doesn’t happen in my neighborhood.” Take the month to stop pass http://nnedv.org and get more information so you can help one person survive.

3 thoughts on “I am….”

  1. Thank you for sharing your life, your heart. I pray someone reads your story and becomes aware that they do not have to live in domestic pain. They can survive and thrive.

    1. Thank you for stopping pass my blog and taking your time to comment. Domestic violence is a terrible thing. It destroys people and families. Like you, I pray that my message encourages others to take action, no matter how small, to help someone survive and thrive.


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