Time for a Reboot!

In January, you made some New Year’s resolutions, set some goals you wanted to achieve this year. Maybe they were fitness, health, financial, business, family or recreational goals. You started working on them and you were chugging along and then life got in the way. You stopped working on your goals.

Well it’s August now and the year is more than one half over so it’s too late to pick them back up right? Wrong! Six months of the year may have passed, but thank goodness, the year is not over!

Now is the perfect time to reboot, to restart your life. Now is the perfect time to pick your goals and start working on them again.

Why is now the perfect time?

The part of your life that got in your way earlier this year has most likely been resolved. Also, you have six months more experience than you did in January; you are older and wiser.

I gave this brief motivational talk to a group of people recently on July 26th. I gave them a Call To Action and I’m giving it to you now. Here it is:

Find one goal you started in January and dropped. Assess the goal to make sure it’s realistic. Write down the new actions steps you are going to take to achieve the goal. Write down new goal dates for each step.

For me, I started a vision chart in January, but I didn’t finish because life got in the way. I announced my Call To Action was to finish it by July 30th and post it on Facebook. Well, I’m one day late, but here it is!


What goal are you going to pick back up again?


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