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Poll: What Are Your Challenges? (Part II)

In August, I conducted a poll asking you what challenge you face most often and promised to write a post on the challenge most faced.  The choices were procrastination/delaying, managing your time, dealing with difficult people, being organized and handling stressful situations.  The winner was……(drum roll) procrastination/delaying!

Before I write anything else, I want to thank those of you who responded to the poll!

Now, to write about your challenge and how to overcome it.  It took me awhile to decide what to say new because I have written about procrastination before. (see June 25, 2010 post) Or maybe I was just procrastinating. Anyway, I decided to share my tips, the things I do, when I realize I am procrastinating (yes, I still have that challenge).

 Tips to Combat Procrastination: Continue reading “Poll: What Are Your Challenges? (Part II)”


Procrastination: It’s A Mind Thing

I am a procrastinator.  I said this all the time and freely used it as an excuse to myself for why only eight out of 15 tasks on my daily To Do lists got done.  I procrastinate – it was my mantra.  I owned it totally.  It was me.  And I felt bad about undone tasks.  I felt like an underachiever.

Then one day, I started to think….why am I a procrastinator?  Was the root the traditional reasons experts give (you know – fear, lack of focus, task so big you don’t know where to begin so you don’t, poor time management skills, TV)?  But, I had tried the experts’ traditional fixes for these, but they didn’t work for long. So was the root something else?  Continue reading “Procrastination: It’s A Mind Thing”