THAT Stirring

Ever read or hear a message then felt something jump inside of you so much tears came into your eyes? Yes? That feeling, that stirring means you were supposed to read or hear those words at that point in time. It means those words were meant just for you, even if you are sitting in a vast audience.

The other day, I was idly going through my emails and opened an email update of a blog I subscribe to. The title of the blog post was catchy because I was feeling that way. I started to read the post. And something jumped deep inside of me, I was overwhelmed and I cried. But I was energized and eager to conquer my day! And I did!

So the next time you get that feeling, that stirring, don’t ignore it. You might miss something great about you. What did I read you ask? It was “Are You Stuck?’by Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine. Click the title to read it. Enjoy!

 Question for Comment: Have you ever experienced that stirring? What did you do about it?

(originally posted July 27, 2010)



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