Why a Blog?

Yes, I am writing a blog. You are probably asking yourself why??? Well, this blog is to be a catharsis for me…. a place to write the thoughts and adventures I am having in my life right now. I also hope this blog helps other people to stop and think, to see life differently, to laugh at themselves, to know they can still learn and grow, and whatever else they get from my blog that helps them become better.

I will be 54 this year and am the only child. That may also explain this blog…I don’t have any siblings to dump on. Anyway, I am enjoying my life more now than when I was younger. In December 2008, I walked away from my career in law, from a position as a judge, to do something different. I lot of people ask me if walking away was hard to do.

The answer is no for two reasons. First, I was sitting in my office one day and I heard a quiet voice inside me say, “There is nothing left for you to do here”. I knew that voice was God (yes, I am a Christian) and if God was telling me to move, there was something greater somewhere else that He had in store for me. I was up for that! Second, I never defined myself by my position as a judge. Being a judge was just my job. It impressed other people and got my telephone calls answered faster. But it was not me in that it did not embody me and who I was as an individual.

So, I left and moved on. I don’t know exactly where I am going but I was expecting exciting things to happen. One thing I didn’t expect, however, was that I was really embarking on a journey to me to find out who I was, not what society said I should be and do. Hence, the name of my blog, My Journey to Me.

Once a week, I will be sharing my thoughts, adventures, venting (remember, I have no siblings) and whatever else I feel like sharing. I hope you enjoy my journey and it adds value to you. If it does, subscribe (in the right margin) and my new posts will be automatically emailed to you; you won’t have to “keep checking back”. And let other people know about it so they can subscribe. Or, if you “get enough e-mails already”, subscribe to the RSS Feed. When you open your email In Box, a one line notice (it is a link) will appear at the top of the Box letting you know I have added a new post. You click it and it will bring you to this page. You choose. And thanks in advance! Talk to you later!

(originally posted May 17, 2010)

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