Why a Blog?

Yes, I am writing a blog. You are probably asking yourself why??? Well, this blog is to be a catharsis for me…. a place to write the thoughts and adventures I am having in my life right now. I also hope this blog helps other people to stop and think, to see life differently, to laugh at themselves, to know they can still learn and grow, and whatever else they get from my blog that helps them become better.

I will be 54 this year and am the only child. That may also explain this blog…I don’t have any siblings to dump on. Anyway, I am enjoying my life more now than when I was younger. In December 2008, I walked away from my career in law, from a position as a judge, to do something different. I lot of people ask me if walking away was hard to do.

The answer is no for two reasons. Continue reading “Why a Blog?”