The Book

And The Book Moves On……

I have not put up a post since February because of books, another author’s and mine. A couple of weeks ago, I finished editing an awesome book by Lanette R. Frazier. (@lanetterfrazier). Ms. Frazier is a dynamic woman who enjoys helping other people to reach phenomenal goals in their life. Her book, Standing Victoriously Over Your Storm, is about overcoming life’s challenges. Her testimonies, as well as the testimonies of other overcomers, will take your breath away and give you the strength to overcome also. Get your copy at

As for my book, I have outlined the chapters, written the introduction and half of the chapters. (there are fourteen). Last week, I took my first step toward publishing. I released what I had written.  Those pages, neatly doubled-spaced and on blue and white paper, are now in the hands of my editor!

I can’t wait to get her input. In the meantime, I write.



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