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I like to encourage people to invest in themselves via personal development. Personal development is very near and dear to me.  I have immersed myself into the subject for over 12 years and have witnessed my personal growth. That’s why I devoted this blog to the subject.  While there are many keys, or elements, to personal development, there is one key most people overlook or don’t know about.  That key is to regularly do something you like.

One of the things I love doing is sewing.   Mrs. Spriggs, my neighbor when I was a little girl, knew how to sew and I would spend hours with her while she cut, pinned and sewed fabric with her magic machine into dresses.  I was enthralled.  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a beginner’s sewing class and my love for sewing has grown.  For me, sewing is relaxing and it causes me to focus, think and create.  So when I say sewing, I mean going to a fabric store, buying a pattern and spending hours playing with different fabrics.  In fact, I don’t see fabric; I see what the fabric can become: a skirt, a pantsuit, a purse.  I’ve made all kinds of clothes for me and my daughter.  Last year, I started making purses.  This week, I made a netbook carry case as a surprise for my granddaughter. (don’t tell if you see her).

 When I finished the netbook cover, I felt a serious sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  My self-confidence soared and I jumped into my next sewing project.

Think now….what do you like to do? Or what would you like to learn how to do?  Is it cooking or sewing or dancing or taking photographs or learning a new language?  Whatever it is, go do it and do it regularly.  If you want to take class in something, check your local community center or community college (a non-credit class).  I find that the classes these places conduct are inexpensive and the teachers are great.  

Also check the web.  My favorite website to find activities I like to do is www.meetup.com.  Meetup is a site where a person with an interest can go to find other people who share that interest.  People with common interests form a meetup group and they voluntarily get together or meet up, around that interest.  For instance, I belong to several different meetup groups: one for movies, one for golf and one for sewing.  I get an email when the group organizer plans an activity and I attend if I can.  You can also learn to do something you have an interest in through a meetup group.  Visit the website and try it out.  It is free.

Regularly doing something you like to do is a key to your personal development because it rejuvenates you, it builds your self-confidence and it gives you a sense of accomplishment.   Regularly doing something you like to do also helps you become well-rounded person.  But most of all, it makes you smile!

Question For Comment: What is the something that you like to do? Do you do it regularly?


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