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What Color Are You?

If you read my blog regularly, you know I have fallen in love with  Pinterest, a website where people share their interests via photos (pins) with comments.  I especially like the inspirational quotes I find.  This one shouted at me the other day:

what color is your attitude

from Belmont Wellness

Whether you realize it or not, you have control over your thoughts and life through your attitude.   If your attitude is poor or sullen or angry (let’s say black,  blue or red), you will have negative thoughts about yourself and others, and your life will reflect it.  With a poor attitude, you tend to see only the negative in life and dwell on it; you draw other people into your life with the same poor, angry  attitude.   On the other hand,  if your attitude is positive or cheery (let’s say yellow or orange), you will have positive thoughts about yourself and others, and your life will reflect it.   With a positive attitude, you see pass the negative to the positive and dwell there; you draw other people into your life who have the same positive attitude.


To change your attitude, change you.  Change what you read, what you watch on television, who you hang out with, how you act.  Delete negativity from your life through a personal development program.  Get started today by downloading the 30 Day Jumpstart Chart I created.  It will help you track and change the influences in your life so you can change the color of your attitude.  

Question for Comment:  What color is your attitude and why?

3 thoughts on “What Color Are You?”

  1. Love it!! Love it! I printed the chart. I will definitely monitor what I watch, read, and listen to. I believe I am more orange and yellow. I actually started buying more clothes that are orange and yellow. Thanks Ms. Monroe!


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