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I Hate Goals!

It’s the beginning of a new year and everyone is talking about setting goals. I hate goals! They are the bane of my existence. Every January, I would think about what goals I wanted to reach and write them on paper along with a goal date. I would go the extra distance and post them around my house. And then life would happen and I wouldn’t reach my goals. I’d feel bad, wonder what was wrong with me and view goal setting as an empty exercise. But last year, something happened… I set some goals and reached them! I am so excited now and my goal setting model is changed forever! I’m assuming you feel the same way about goals or you wouldn’t be reading this post so I going to share with you my new Continue reading “I Hate Goals!”

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Perfect

As I write this, I am thinking perfectionism fits perfectly here right after the topic of achieving personal goals since the two can be intertwined.  I am the type of person who starts something brand new on Monday and expects to be perfect at it by Friday (of the same week).  Yes, I am a closet perfectionist. (I guess since I am writing this, I am no longer in the closet!)  And I had been frustrated a lot of times in my life.

I learned a valuable lesson about perfectionism from my granddaughter. Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Be Perfect”