What Am I Thinking???

 A former co-worker once complimented me on my attitude. She said I was different from the other people at work; I was so positive. After thanking her, I told her I didn’t watch the news (people will tell you bad news whether you ask or not) and I read lots of self-development, self-improvement books. She asked for a list of the books I had read. I started going through my library to make the list and, to my surprise, I had read a lot of self-improvement books.

You see, it wasn’t that I was not a reader. After college, I read plenty of romance novels (you know, the ones with a picture of a woman with big hair and the silhouette of a shirtless buff man in the background on the cover). But I had started a business in 1999 and my business partners, my mentors, encouraged me to read books that would improve me as a person. Books that would change my thinking for the better. And since I wanted to be successful like them and I read the books they read. However, before my co-worker said something, I didn’t realize the books had affected me. Continue reading “What Am I Thinking???”