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As You Start 2013

It’s the beginning of a new year, the time when people take steps to change themselves or their lives for the better. I’m no different. I’ve made a list of my goals for this year and am in the process of posting the list on bright neon paper around my house.

One of my goals is to open an account on Pinterest. What is Pinterest you say? Pinterest is an on-line bulletin board where people pin or post things they like or want to share.  All the pins are in the form of pictures. You can so much information from art to fashion to technology to recipes to tips on how to do things you’ve never thought to do.  Do yourself a favor, visit the site and enjoy the pictures. (www.pinterest.com)

I just opened my account so I can teach more people about the importance and power of personal growth. (see the Follow Me on Pinterest button in the right column). To help you get your thoughts going in a positive direction so you can achieve your 2013 goals, I am sharing some quotes from my Pinterest board called Makes You Go Hmmm……

be yourself

If You Are not willing to do something stupid

Never look down on someone else

Pulling back just focus

what you do every day matters






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