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You Are Not The Center Of The Universe

Very often, we start things with the purpose of gaining money or fame or something else for ourselves.  But what we don’t realize is the real purpose is to help someone else.  We may not know the person when we start or we may meet him or her while we are going along the way.  And it’s always several people – it’s never just one person.

One of the tenets of personal growth is to get your mind off of you.  You are not the center of the universe.  Believe it or not, Continue reading “You Are Not The Center Of The Universe”

Anointed Women In Christ

Another Blog- Anointed Women In Christ

I can’t believe I have been writing this blog for over a year! When I explained what I write about to an acquaintance, she broke it down like this: thoughts I have now that the noise of a workplace and of an employer are no longer in my head. Perfect! I want to thank you for reading my thoughts. I want to also thank you for your patience when I didn’t post every week as I had planned (had no thoughts to share!), for your feedback to posts, for joining the Reading4Champions Book Club started in November, for following @SharmansJourney on Twitter and for being a fan of My Journey to Me Facebook Page. Without you, my efforts would have been useless.

If you will remember, one of the reasons I started this blog was to put down my thoughts and experiences to add value to others. Well, since I started writing in May 2009, a dream I once had came back to my recollection. Once upon a time I wanted to write a book that inspired and encouraged women. And it seems that since I started this blog, I have moving down the path to do just that.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I inform you I was recently asked to blog and manage the social media for a website for women which I gladly accepted. Now, you can also read my thoughts on http://anointedwomeninchrist.wordpress.com.   Anointed Women in Christ (AWIC) ministries was founded by Ms. Chris Allen in 2010 with a goal of teaching women how much God loves and values them. My postings on AWIC will be messages designed for women based upon and citing scriptures from the Bible. If you like, you can subscribe to the blog and get updates via email. There are two messages posted already: A Cheerful Receiver and Are You Resource-full? You can follow AWIC on Twitter @awic4christ and become a fan of Anointed Women in Christ on Facebook.