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Smell the Roses

Last month I set a huge business goal, and since I was very serious, I enlisted the help accountability partners (yes, I got two). I reached that goal this week. But to my surprise I wasn’t excited. I didn’t throw a party with balloons, party hats and noisemakers. I just nodded my head and set another goal building on the one I had reached. What was wrong with me?! I had worked hard. A quote then came to mind, Success is a journey, not a destination”.  2144-success+is+a+journey+not+a+des

Hmmm….. Maybe I really was looking at this goal thing all wrong. Had I missed something on my journey to my goal? I took out my journal and starting writing. I learned:

1) To decide every morning what I was going to do that day to reach my goal.

2) If I didn’t do everything I had decided to do that day, as long as I did something, it was okay. I was one step closer to my goal.

3) If I bombed one day or two days in a row, I can get up and start again tomorrow.

4) To track my activities every day. This helped me to recognize when I needed to adjust my activities for better results.

5) I didn’t need to be so consumed by my goal that everything and everyone else in life fell by the wayside as I worked on my goal.

6) I need an accountability partner who also incorporates my spiritual beliefs when coaching me.

7) Being pushed everyday by an accountability partner is a pain but worth it. It kept me focused and moving forward.

8) Some people will cheer me on as I “go for the gold”. I will gladly share my progress with them.

9) Some people won’t support me for whatever reason and will do or say things to discourage me. I got away from them quickly. As one of my business partners says, “If you know someone is going to rain on your parade, don’t tell him what street it’s going down!” By the way, the people I expected to help me the most, flatly refused to budge.

10) To step outside of my comfort zone and do something outrageous! It helped me get new results.

11) Reaching a goal always takes longer than I think it will.

 The most important thing I learned on my journey was to believe and trust in my abilities and myself. If I don’t believe in myself, why should anyone else? My advice to anyone working toward a goal? Slow down and smell the roses as you “go for your gold” or you’ll miss some of the most valuable lessons and experiences you can learn.

Question for Comment: What lessons have you learned about achieving goals?


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