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The Fourth Thursday

The fourth Thursday in the month of November is set aside as Thanksgiving Day. It’s a national holiday in the U.S. A time for family and friends to gather together to laugh, catch-up, watch football games and eat foods they’ve been waiting to eat all year to eat (like stuffing!) Gratitude is everywhere.

This year as I wait for my meal, I’m pondering a thought one of my business partners dropped on me – be grateful for the difficulties you go through in life. None of us, including me, like the difficulties of life. They always come at the wrong place and time. They cause untold stress. We loose sleep, get angry, feel fear, get upset, worry, doubt, feel hopeless, cry, envy others and go into hiding. We may get physically ill.

But something good is happening in these difficult times. We are finding out new things about ourselves. Our dormant skills and talents are awakened. We learn new skills. Our character is growing. We become stronger and more confident in who we are as a person. We come through the difficulty a better person than the person we were at the beginning of the difficulty.   In sum, the difficulties of life are necessary for your personal development and growth. So don’t hate, appreciate!

As you spend time with your family and friends, eating, laughing and watching ballgames, spend be grateful for EVERYTHING, the good and the difficult, in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!



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