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The Fourth Thursday

The fourth Thursday in the month of November is set aside as Thanksgiving Day. It’s a national holiday in the U.S. A time for family and friends to gather together to laugh, catch-up, watch football games and eat foods they’ve been waiting to eat all year to eat (like stuffing!) Gratitude is everywhere.

This year as I wait for my meal, I’m pondering a thought one of my business partners dropped on me – be grateful for the difficulties you go through in life. None of us, including me, like the difficulties of life. They always come at the wrong place and time. They cause untold stress. We loose sleep, get angry, feel fear, get upset, worry, doubt, feel hopeless, cry, envy others and go into hiding. Continue reading “The Fourth Thursday”


Thanking and Giving

Each year, between November 1st and December 31, people focus on thanking and giving…… just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Thinking of others is good, but thanking and giving are not relegated to a season. Thanking and giving are for everyday

The Bible says:

    “[i]n everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1Thessalonians 5:18

Think you have no one to thank or no reason to thank everyday?  Well, for a moment, sit back and see yourself standing on a street corner with nothing but the clothes you have on right now.  Imagine you have no home, no possessions, no job, no money, no family and no friends.   Continue reading “Thanking and Giving”