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It’s A Bad, Bad Day……

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What the Passion?

It’s the new “buzz” word. You hear the word everywhere you go. “I am passionate about this”. “I am passionate about that”. “Live life with passion”. But what does “passion” mean? Someone asked me that question at a recent book signing. It caught me off guard because I was expecting questions about my book. All eyes were on me so I had to come up with an answer and the answer surprised me!

You see, I would hear the word passion being bandied about by various speakers as they talked about whatever they were doing and it meant nothing to me; it was just a cute word. I thought “passion” meant you were all “goo-goo” eyed about something. Your entire life revolved around that something and nothing else in the world, not eating, sleeping or family, mattered to you except that something. Well, I’ve since learned passion is not about being “goo-goo” eyed. Here are six questions you can ask yourself to help you discover your passion: Continue reading “What the Passion?”

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New New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost the beginning of a new year with new resolutions so I thought this post should be dusted off and shared again….


JUST AS a young man’s fancy turns to love in the spring, it’s January of a new year and people’s fancy turns to New Year resolutions.  People resolve to change – lose weight, make more money, exercise more, eat healthier, save more money, etc.  People resolve to do, or not to do, things that will improve their lives and give themselves a year to make the change.  Resolutions are good and people are sincere in making these yearly resolutions.  But statistics show that by the end of February, most people have forgotten their resolutions only to remember them again in December when it’s time to make New Year resolutions again.  This is not good.  I propose a new New Year’s Resolution: instead of only treating the beginning of a new year as a time to make resolutions, treat the beginning of a new day as a time to make resolutions.

I call my proposal New Day resolutions.  Continue reading “New New Year’s Resolution”

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Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe

Press Release 10/28/2013



Life has a habit of catching us off guard. Whether it switched plans, has fallen off track, or has been flipped upside down, life is guaranteed to re-introduce itself in some form or another. When life forces us to give up stubborn rigidity or comfortable ritual we are forced to confront change, be it for better or worse. As Sharman Monroe has learned, how we decide to face change makes all the difference in embracing a new life.

Proud Washingtonian, Sharman Monroe was born in raised in Washington, D.C.  After receiving her B.S. from American University Continue reading “Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe”

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What Color Are You?

If you read my blog regularly, you know I have fallen in love with  Pinterest, a website where people share their interests via photos (pins) with comments.  I especially like the inspirational quotes I find.  This one shouted at me the other day:

what color is your attitude

from Belmont Wellness

Whether you realize it or not, you have control over your thoughts and life through your attitude.   Continue reading “What Color Are You?”

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Enough Said

Just Do ItSaw this on yesterday while on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com).   It hit me between the eyes.  Enough said … now MOVE!
(quote from www.fitsugar.com)


Question for Comment: What have you been procrastinating about?  What are you going to do to get going?