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It’s A Bad, Bad Day……

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What the Passion?

It’s the new “buzz” word. You hear the word everywhere you go. “I am passionate about this”. “I am passionate about that”. “Live life with passion”. But what does “passion” mean? Someone asked me that question at a recent book signing. It caught me off guard because I was expecting questions about my book. All eyes were on me so I had to come up with an answer and the answer surprised me!

You see, I would hear the word passion being bandied about by various speakers as they talked about whatever they were doing and it meant nothing to me; it was just a cute word. I thought “passion” meant you were all “goo-goo” eyed about something. Your entire life revolved around that something and nothing else in the world, not eating, sleeping or family, mattered to you except that something. Well, I’ve since learned passion is not about being “goo-goo” eyed. Here are six questions you can ask yourself to help you discover your passion: Continue reading “What the Passion?”


I am….

I am an only child raised by a single mother. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and went to a private school. I continued my education after high school, and earned two degrees, one in computer science (BS) and the other in law (JD). I was an elected public official and an officer in the PTA. I was the chief judge in a government agency running an office staffed with judges, paralegals and support staff. I was the labor/management liaison for the director of the same agency. I was promoted to the position of appellate judge in that agency. Today, I own a successful and growing business enterprise. And I am a survivor of domestic violence and abuse.

Now, for some of you, there is a huge disconnect Continue reading “I am….”

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Mini Vay Cay

A while back I wrote a blog post about taking moments out of your hustle-bustle life to stop and smell the roses.  Life isn’t all about the money and getting all the things done on your To-Do list.  Well, over the past year while running a business, writing a book, blogging on two blogs and starting a radio show, I forgot to take time for myself.

So, starting at the beginning of this year I’m reviving my practice of stopping to smell the roses.  I’ll be going on my “mini vay-cay” (if that word is not spelled right, don’t let me know) once a month. To keep myself accountable, I will share pictures and a short post about my mini vay-cay with you each month.

You’re probably asking, “Why is she so hyped-up about a mini vay-cay and what does it have to do with personal growth?” Continue reading “Mini Vay Cay”

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Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe

Press Release 10/28/2013



Life has a habit of catching us off guard. Whether it switched plans, has fallen off track, or has been flipped upside down, life is guaranteed to re-introduce itself in some form or another. When life forces us to give up stubborn rigidity or comfortable ritual we are forced to confront change, be it for better or worse. As Sharman Monroe has learned, how we decide to face change makes all the difference in embracing a new life.

Proud Washingtonian, Sharman Monroe was born in raised in Washington, D.C.  After receiving her B.S. from American University Continue reading “Stubbs Talks Life with Sharman Monroe”

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Are You The Judge (Part 2)

Gavel | Andrew F. Scott: P6033602
Gavel | Andrew F. Scott: P6033602 (Photo credit: afsart)

This post on judging people was supposed to give you tools to help you to stop judging others.  I decided to hold off on the helpful tools post because I needed to make sure I wasn’t just spouting off and was talking about something personal to me.

 In case you are not one of my regular readers, you should know the purpose of my blog is to share my experiences and personal growth lessons I am learning at this juncture in my life.  So when I finished the first post on judging people I wondered why I felt compelled to write it. Now when I use the word “judge or judging”, I mean making a decision or assumption about someone before you meet and talk with him or her.  In the first post, I admitted to being guilty of judging people.  But the more I thought about why I was writing the post the more I came to realize Continue reading “Are You The Judge (Part 2)”