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Are You The Judge (Part 2)

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Gavel | Andrew F. Scott: P6033602 (Photo credit: afsart)

This post on judging people was supposed to give you tools to help you to stop judging others.  I decided to hold off on the helpful tools post because I needed to make sure I wasn’t just spouting off and was talking about something personal to me.

 In case you are not one of my regular readers, you should know the purpose of my blog is to share my experiences and personal growth lessons I am learning at this juncture in my life.  So when I finished the first post on judging people I wondered why I felt compelled to write it. Now when I use the word “judge or judging”, I mean making a decision or assumption about someone before you meet and talk with him or her.  In the first post, I admitted to being guilty of judging people.  But the more I thought about why I was writing the post the more I came to realize Continue reading “Are You The Judge (Part 2)”

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Set The Direction

This post doesn’t come from my thoughts or things that are happening in my life. I got this post from a friend who forwarded it to me from another friend.  The message was so profound and so necessary for personal growth, the theme of this blog, that I was compelled to share it on this blog.  Here it is:

What you think of yourself has a major impact on what you do with your life. Think more positively about yourself and your world, and every area of your life will reflect it. Continue reading “Set The Direction”

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You Are Not The Center Of The Universe

Very often, we start things with the purpose of gaining money or fame or something else for ourselves.  But what we don’t realize is the real purpose is to help someone else.  We may not know the person when we start or we may meet him or her while we are going along the way.  And it’s always several people – it’s never just one person.

One of the tenets of personal growth is to get your mind off of you.  You are not the center of the universe.  Believe it or not, Continue reading “You Are Not The Center Of The Universe”

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It Was Achieved On Account Of

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accountability as subject to giving an account; answerable.  We are not strangers to accountability.  In our youth, we were accountable to our teachers, our parents and other authority figures. As adults, we are accountable to our bosses and supervisors, maybe spouses.  In most instances, our accountability is involuntary – a relationship forced upon us which we grudgingly accept.  Many times, the relationship leaves such bad taste in our mouths that hearing the word “accountability” makes us break out in a cold sweat.

We are all adults now and it’s time to do a paradigm shift, to learn a new way of viewing accountability, to see it as a good thing. Why? Because accountability benefits your personal growth in several ways:

1. It keeps you focused.  Unexpected situations and events come along which require your immediate, and sometimes long-term, time and attention.  That’s life.  Accountability helps to get you back on track.

2. It produces long-lasting big results. Continue reading “It Was Achieved On Account Of”

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As You Start 2013

It’s the beginning of a new year, the time when people take steps to change themselves or their lives for the better. I’m no different. I’ve made a list of my goals for this year and am in the process of posting the list on bright neon paper around my house.

One of my goals is to open an account on Pinterest. What is Pinterest you say? Pinterest is an on-line bulletin board where people pin or post things they like or want to share.  Continue reading “As You Start 2013”

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On April 29th, I was blessed to attend America’s Night of Hope with Joel and Victoria Osteen in Washington, D.C.  I had been looking forward to this night for months.  Since I’m not a baseball fan, this was my chance to go to Nationals Park, the first certified GREEN ballpark (that’s all I know about baseball!).  This was also my chance to see Joel Osteen, a man of God whose messages in his sermons, podcasts and books touch my heart.  The day was sunny and bright –  not too cold, not too hot.  Although there were thousands of people there, everyone was  friendly and polite. There was a calm in the air – it was God’s presence.   Continue reading “Hope”

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Express Yourself!!

I like to encourage people to invest in themselves via personal development. Personal development is very near and dear to me.  I have immersed myself into the subject for over 12 years and have witnessed my personal growth. That’s why I devoted this blog to the subject.  While there are many keys, or elements, to personal development, there is one key most people overlook or don’t know about.  That key is to regularly do something you like.

One of the things I love doing is sewing.   Mrs. Spriggs, my neighbor when I was a little girl, knew how to sew and I would spend hours with her while she cut, pinned and sewed fabric with her magic machine into dresses.  I was enthralled.  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a beginner’s sewing class and my love for sewing has grown.  Continue reading “Express Yourself!!”